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When the spine is in alignment the nervous system can send signals through the body uninhibited. When the spine is not aligned, the nervous system cannot communicate effectively with the body and we experience symptoms like earaches, headaches, digestion issues, and even neuro-disorders. Click below for a free spinal consultation with Dr. Tyson Perez.

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What Our Clients Say

I love West Coast Chriopractic!! I have been going there for over 5 years as well as my daughter, I have been to many chriopractors over the years and they are top notch!

– C. Myers

Great caring and professional service. Has helped me with back and health issues. Would strongly recommend them to others.

– P. Ward

I’ve known and worked with many Chiropractors over the years and it’d be tough to find an office with a team that is more knowledgeable, caring, and serving than the bunch at West Coast Chiropractic. If you’ve never given Chiropractic a go or if you’re looking for a new one, look no further, you’re in good hands!

– T. Gignac